Adulting is hard! Reward Yourself!
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Yay-Me! The story...

As an "adult" we all have to face challenges, tasks, duties and so on that sometimes we just don't want to do, but we have to do. We sometimes secretly wish that we could be kids again with little to no responsibilities, play when we want to and just have fun all the time...but alas...that doesn't get to happen much. So what did I do...I created Yay-Me! It was my small attempt to have fun and reward myself and others..why not?! We're adults, we're still allowed to have fun, laugh, play...even for a brief moment. Live is meant to live and enjoy. I created Yay-Me! so I can laugh - I now get to share a brief moment of fun and laughter with everyone that buys a sticker or button. The smiles you give and receive from wearing our stickers or buttons and sharing these with others is an awesome thing...a small moment in our lives that we can forget the adult things we have to do. We hope you have a smile and a laugh when you get our products. Share them with the world! :)

Oh...and if you have ideas for other stickers & buttons...please send your ideas to us! We would love to get them...and who knows...maybe in our next batch you'll find yours!

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