Adulting is hard! Reward Yourself!
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About Us

When you're a kid you always said "I can't wait until I'm a grown-up!". Time and time again you dreamed of doing adult stuff that you weren't allowed to do when you were young. Sure there's cool stuff like race car driving, traveling around the world and living in huge homes, but those events don't come around that often.

I'm sure when I was a kid, I didn't imagine adulthood consisted of paying bills, getting the car fixed, commuting to a job I hated and on and on. These are tasks we, as adults, have to endure. But remember when you were a kid - you took tests, got to be the line leader, give messages to the office for the teacher...and when you got back to the classroom the teacher gave you a reward sticker for doing the job. We all LOVED those stickers, we'd wear them, collect them, display them on our books - they were badges of accomplishment. Well adulting is way harder than any job we did in school...I want a reward sticker for the things I do now!

So guess what...YAY-ME! are reward stickers and buttons for adults! Now when we do "adult-stuff" we can reward ourselves, our friends, spouses, family members with a fun, colorful sticker or button...just like when we were kids.

YAY-ME! was created by me...Mike King...I'm a freelance graphic designer who works for some of the top companies around, but when I'm not "adulting"...I'm running YAY-ME! this has been an idea long in the making...just because we are adults, doesn't mean we can't be "big kids"...we still want to color, play games, have fun...and get a small reward when we do some small task that has to be done.